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The Necronomicon is Back

2008-08-26 19:34:52 by Plowking74

Brand new version of the Necronomicon is up 2.0 - enjoy


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2008-08-27 02:15:40

so wait
why can't you use the old art work??


2008-08-27 04:16:42

because it was copyed from other artist(and this goes to copyright) thats what i think


2008-08-27 07:56:39

is that why you removed it--because of copyright issues?


2008-08-27 14:15:01

Dude that really sucks! I loved the original andthe card art was nice. Sucks that they made you take it off, cuz i was addicted to that game!


2008-08-27 21:50:06

That sucks! It was such a fun game too. :(


2008-08-27 23:54:31

hey man, im down to help you on some cards for sure. I got artistic talent, and i love your idea of love craft ideas, reminds me of Quake and Faux satanic card playing games, sign me up.

email :

and give me the details on size etc, the works. i like the game that much.


2008-08-28 10:59:23

Your game is nice but it really needs art. I'm not an artist so, to help you a bit, I started a topic in the art forum to help you find contributions.

find it here: 60687


2008-08-28 12:22:15

That thread was locked because it violates the Art Forum rules. You can try posting it here though: 35239.


2008-08-31 15:29:30

This was an awesome game. I'll still play it with the other art. I wondered why the change. My only suggestion would be to include more books to gain arcane wisdom. Also, I would say more creatures would be cool.


2008-09-01 03:02:55

Ok, this time I left a post in the right thread, here: 35239


2008-09-02 22:13:27

you should keep the old art or make two versions; the old and new.


2008-09-06 23:58:15

i enocuntered a bug, a minor one im just bringing to notice, that my creature simply stopped attacking after like, twice.


2008-09-10 00:08:27

Nice job once again! If you need a cool spell art, let me know and I can scribble something unsane for you.


2008-09-10 17:29:11

I just played through the game again to see the new ranks and challenges, it took me a while to get through them and it seems a lot are based purely on luck of the draw. I can't remember how often I was one shotted just because the opponent had Hound of Tindalos in his hand on the first turn.... Also one of the challenges (I think 17?) where it says if you hit insane you automatically lose, there seems to be a bug where you can continue playing, despite the insanity.


2008-09-12 10:29:29

Loving the new game, sir. I recommend you have the computer A.I. discard creatures when he is afflicted with Xenophobia, so as to avoid wasting his remaining sanity, and to try to bring it back up into the positive range.


2008-09-15 17:30:57

did you ever think about making this a free online card game??? wer we can face each other??? im too gud for a stupid computer


2008-10-20 02:57:57

Not GOOD enough. >:)


2009-06-04 05:57:11

Hey, any chance of another one being made?


2009-06-18 11:58:33

If you don't mind my asking.

Whats next on your list of projects?


2010-06-16 11:51:47

It would great to play this game online against human opponents.